Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Run

The Run

Miley Cyrus has the climb. I never climbed in my life before...but today I went on a run.

Just in case you were wondering , no, Joanne (practically) never ran...until today. I tell you, I caused many MANY MANY raised eyebrows today. Even when someone heard I'm going running ,they're like... ... "JOANNE????" Hahaha. I can name the people. SC, JJ, NN, and more!

There are many many reasons why I don't run. Not many know why. But lets just safely say I had no stamina/ willpower. I'm serious - I cant even see the end. And when I see the end, it seems so far away - as if its not worth it to run all the way there. And many times today I felt like the same.

So to get a friend's signature for my orientation group last week, (I sorta regret pitying them and "taking the fall" myself haha) I agreed to run 2km. Which is crazy. Considering so many have tried, and failed to make me run. (jog even). But I'm someone who keeps her word as much as she can. If she promises...then yes she WILL run despite her saying she will never.

Firstly, she searched out her sit-on-the-rack comfortably-never-wear-shoes.

And then it had to begin right?.. funnily at 4.40pm, it started drizzling. Some told me that "God saved you". but I felt differently. It would only mean postponing the run, and I already brought my stuff! I prayed that the rain would stop, that it wouldn't be too hot. ><

We started out from IMU. thanks to the few who supported me along - Ming Yao, Yeeling and Sze Jun. Thanks for physically being there to run with me! and not ditching me along the way! And you too Sze Jun in slippers! haha. And of course, not forgetting my friend Sandip (whose signature our group was after) , Kyan and even Jae Ric. You guys were pushing me till the very end. I would have walked all the way if not for all of yr support.

And yes...the run was as grueling as I thought it would be. I cant even count the many times I felt like just stopping but was pushed and pushed; the way it seemed like the run will never end; the feeling that stopping this crazy run would be better than going all the way; the running on the road which is like one of my biggest phobia's since the year before, the serious excruciating pain in my lower left abdomen not 500 m into the run(which is why i always stop and never finish the race) that funnily went away after maybe 1k or so...and more. It was a huge challenge for me.

But anyway, at the end, Sandip told me (actually not t0 my horror...I had a feeling that he would do that, din't really think it came true) that we had done twice the distance - 4km. 3.8km to be exact, but seriously, twice the distance. (I think I was , and still am wee bit tired to be mad at him for lying bout the distance. haha) I think I'm gonna get muscle cramps tomorrow onwards =.= I was practically swaying after finishing the run, so unstable I was..

To be entirely honest, I'm not entirely proud of myself. I gave up more than half the time. As in I rather walk not run. ( But they pushed me la...If not I would never have finished it). And the slopes uphill! Omg!!! But I genuinely felt like I couldn't do it already. And on my own , I really would give up. (its true!!) And...if not for the whole process of "I feel like dying la...cant run d, can I stop please?? (while running)"... I would run all over again :) Just...make it Tuesday can anot? :) *I know I'm crazy...I'll start moaning again when I start running*


On another note, (I'm writing this coz I can never verbalize it in words) the main reason I din't practice today is coz I was shy( I can't believe I'm using this word, but its true. Even among my friends, I always make them do it while I watch.) So...yeah. thats the biggest reason why. And now you know ><

and...I got pbl to do tonight :O

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