Saturday, March 20, 2010

Super Viva + Charity Home Visit

Super Viva + Charity Home Visit

Saturday marked the final event for orientation MEDTCH110 - Charity home visit. And as usual, the whole gang (well, minus a few) of the sexy Co13ra's attended.

But :O haha. Super viva was conducted in the morning...and they! haha. it was a long 1hr (I think) thing. Where the questions ranged from food I dislike to why I run and if I'm an organ donor etc etc etc.

At first I thought I got off pretty easy. Sure, there were some "tough" ones, but really, not as tough or emotional as I expected. There were many areas the questions din't explore. But then again, 1 hr cant do too much questioning no? :P Also because it was Saturday... most were in a chillax mood, some wasted, some just bored, some just shy :P and the location -lt2 doesnt seem like the most conducive place, lost of distractions.

But then as I reflected at night, I realized that what they have asked were actually a lot of "intelligent" questions. Things that I would wanna change, how I wanna be remembered after I die etc... And that my history, the parts of me which I protected so fiercely (with much that din't surface during the viva) din't matter. What actually matters is who I am now, and what I will be / am going to do / how I treat the people around me. Sure, if you ask me the right questions I would share with you...but you can do that on a one to one basis, any day ;)

And the minute things asked like my favourite food/ food I dislike and my favourite colour reminded me - that in life we have to always view both the big picture but never forget the small details. Its the balance that we try to achieve in life that keeps us "balanced", not forgetting either the huge picture of the small things.

Ok, some pictures from the day.

Magic fingers.
Don't know why, after the goodie bags were packed Alex was sitting at the grand piano. We just started playing songs like "tong hua" and progressed to bella's lulluby and many other songs like 21 guns. My piano skills super rusty. And hahaha 4 hands together playing a piano. I wish I were that good :P

Come to the dark side, we have cookies
Then we boarded the bus. This is lovely Fida, who is my comrade of the dark side :P She better study or else she will get kicked to the bright light! :D

Say Cheese! =)
And majority of the pictures you see in this post are courtesy of Crystal and her super geng camera. Tal is someone whom is both beautiful on the inside and out. Perhaps her inner beauty radiated outwards and further enhanced her naturally already beautiful self ;)

We reached our destination soon after. On the bus playing random games (some said its actually a drinking game haha). Loved the company, it was a fun journey. The home we went to was called KL KRASH PAD located in the heart of the city centre. This picture was taken on the reception area of the ground floor. You can see the immense talent the teenagers there have.

Group of 5 =D
We we assigned 1 or 2 to a kid, and got to know each other. (Picture of my "kid" coming up). My original impression was that the kids were super shy (well some of them). But if you open up yr heart to them, they will respond with the same enthusiasm, perhaps even more.

The group gets bigger! :O
And these kids actually were genuinely happy to have people come to visit them and play with them. They were actually very VERY enthusiastic, hyperactive with A LOT of energy. It was really fun and memorable spending that short 2-3 hours with them. It was also their levels of energy that drove us on...if we had a 1 or 2 more hours with them it would have been great.

Nearly the whole gang. It happens all the time when we take photos :P
Needless to say, I was super proud of each and every one of the Co13ra's for their participation and effort. Super duper proud since day 1 ! :)

Doctor wannabe too! :)
More bout my "kid". His name is Faizal, and he's...13 years old! (doesnt seem 13 right). He was asking me bout my name , age (he said I looked 18! bangga hahaha), hobbies...and asked what I was studying / wanna be. Henceforth the talk became serious when he found out I was studying to be a doctor. "Eh, saya pun!" (me too!) then he talked about his desire to learn mandarin, asking if english was important in uni, what my pmr/spm grades were... !!!

hahaha. This picture is classic. with the jumping pika-aLex This was actually a reenact-ion of the games we played, namely charades. Then there was the bomb game where everyone chose a name of a food...strawberries (ROCK! :] ), coconut, banana's, marshmallows, papaya and rambutan. Hahaha.

Bundle of energy they are :)
In the activity centre.The "Kids". A bunch of vibrant, bubbly teenagers whom challenged me to see beyond the word "charity"

The "mommies/ daddies"
Those who were equally amazed by the kid's level of energy as I was. I believe it was an amazing experience for all of us.

Group photo! :)
It was definitely not easy to keep a 15 kids + 24 seniors situation under control + make sure none is left out. but I'm proud that Co13ra's managed to do it. Nothing is impossible when a team works together, right! :)

On the bus
And I forgot to mention, on the way back in the bus...everyone started karaoke-ing! Mostly mandarin songs from AGES ago...It was SUPER super fun. Next time print out the lyrics and distribute (coz sometimes we know the song not the lyrics) Co13ra's, you guys know what to plan next! go Karaoke-ing together people! :)

Picture of the day. =)
I heart this group photo - its so bright + cheerful + energetic! Co13ra's may not have gotten 1st in the orientation. We may not have gotten a hamper. But we have gained much, much more than that. We've gained friends who will walk each other through the rest of medical school , and I believe even way after that... We've shared our joy, sweat, embarrassment, tears, birthdays etc... We've got each other as a family, someone you know will always share your tears and joy and burdens. And one another to cheer you up when you're down; humour you when you're gloomy; cheer you on when you feel like giving in; and just be there for each other when one just needs company. More than the numbers ,I believe that we are bonded together in the heart :) And if you ask me thats what matters the most. Friendship. Family. Love.

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