Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Run 2 - Say no to Tasers :/

Run 2 - Say no to Tasers :/

Co13ra's u guys ffk me! lol... left me to run 4 k...again. :O

Today's run was definitely more challenging than the last. Both physically but more mentally. Was running with 101 thoughts running through my head. Control breathing, land on toes first(still gotta work on it) , are we there yet (at the end)...etc

There are some things I will never be able to properly express or let people know. Especially the things deep deep down in my heart. Involving many issues that I can never keep a straight and composed face with when I speak of it. Some stuff that only few know.

But I shall stop there. I promise myself that I shall try harder next time. Today was not too bad, although admittedly I could still have pushed myself a little more and not stop every few steps. But it would definitely help if my abdomen gave me less pain :/

My mind is thinking back of the run in the face of the sun (There goes my goal of staying out of the sun :/), the times I reach a bend (or slopes!!), doing all the warm up exercises (which actually hurt ok!!!) with one funny one named "Superman" (and getting teased by JJ!!!) and more...but funnily,I gotta say like I said to Sandip today - that I actually enjoy running. Its...funny actually.

On another note, it seems like I got a goal / target - to finish 10k nonstop by end of sem 5/before the pms batch leaves Malaysia. Shall see whether its actually achievable...it still remains to be seen.

And...I'm actually considering opening a "runs" label. Since its my second post. And I actually forsee more to come. haha. So welcome to the "Runs" post :)

And as for the slightly sore leg muscles and the sweat and the tough exercises...I would do it all over again. Chui Ling (I know you're not reading this) you're supposed to join me next Tuesday right!

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