Monday, July 13, 2015

2015- first post of the year!

Oh my goodness!! It has been more than a year that I have blogged. This is crazy haha.i keep wanting to blog but never ending up doing it!!

Yes,things have changed. Many, many, many things. For starters, I have "graduated"! Haha.from a house officer to a medical officer. Life is definitely better as a medical officer...except when you're on call( oh the horror!!)...thats a story for another day.

Apart from that, I have moved...back to my hometown. And being a "complaints queen", I have to declare...I HATE KL TRAFFIC!!! HATE HATE HATE!!!

Hahaha. But seriously its true,the traffic is horrendous...thats the thing I miss the most about Muar..apart from the people and the food. Asam fish, chicken rice balls, 6 taste tong sui...

I have so many things to update/blog about! New makan places I've been to, Perhentian..ooh yes, I've finally been to a beach. :):):)

I hope i finally restart blogging. :)

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