Sunday, September 7, 2008

happy :) :) :)

HAPPY :) :) :)

Happy for the weirdest reasons on earth. I finally got my name tag holder again! :) :) :) after 1 month (roughly that i went around with no name tag AND my name tag now is bent :( , and I even dropped my name tag in the library , the next day it was pasted at the glass door with face upfront, like some wanted person, embarassnya!!! :S :S :S HAHAHA but then din want to but from IMU, freakin 3.50 for the piece of synthetic!!!

went to my hometown, got a bookshop just open not too(i dunno when oso :O) long ago. just coz see like not so much business, pity him. ;p haha, random! coz d last time i went, binding was rm1, compared to photocopy shop, 1.80. cut throat imu! haiz

but yes, i got my name tag now :) :) :) no more feeling of something's-missing-emptiness ;p

Little joys :) :) :)

Thank You God

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