Monday, September 22, 2008



Just watching the hustle and bustle around me... the lovebirds, more than that, the "library gangs".... brings back alot of memories so dear , so treasured...

saw 2 "big brothers" taking care of a "lil siz" (a year younger only), trying their best to make her feel better and all. Going out of their way to care. Can't help but feel wistful at the closeness they share, the intimacy, the unconditional love, the care.

I so so miss my dearest friends who used to rough it out with me, the meal times, pinch me even and kutuk and kacau me, lend me a shoulder to lie on when I'm tired (even literally), and the tons of stories we shared, the emotional rides at times, frustration, tears , embarrassment, the growing up... the misunderstandings even. Miss the times of heart to heart talks, the no-barriers, the no formalities. I miss it all.I know change is the only thing constant, but somehow I still find it too hard to come to terms with. :'(

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