Saturday, September 6, 2008



Random stuffs. Still not sure what to think of my new layout.

Hmm, last few weeks was (a lil) hectic. Think its gonna be like that for the rest of the semester. I so so need to study >< Past weeks consisted of first aid training + test (it was hard ok), depression...and darts. Last minute "substituting" Sabrina (coz she still played in the end and also it did not seem that I was a sub but a real (one of the) main players. After not playing for like, a few months. You know what, I enjoyed it nevertheless. I realised that I needed to focus and the stress(a lil) to peform. Owh, and Sandip is a seriously awesome coach + friend.

Haha but seriously musing. I realised that God hears me, and He remembers what I pray, even my innermost thoughts. Even when I forget. Thats how great , awesome, mighty and powerful my God is. And yet He came down for us, and loves us as His own.:')

Random pics: my cousin sis :)Saya suka kamera lah :D (I like the camera)Nampak tak gigi comelku? (Notice my cute teeth?) :D "I'm a shopaholic." HAHAHA this is a pic of my bro. well, I'm guilty too ;p

Many things to be thankful for. SHA your life inspires me. miss 7am. SAB you seriously are too cute, too sweet for words! A*** ;p JOON all d best in sem 5 k, you can do it. DOROTHY hey how'r you doing? :D ASH you can do it :D JENE girl with extreme willpower and perseverance :o :p ESTHER go girl you make us proud, darts and all :) ELVYNA love yr card, yr heart! Thanks for being so faithful, you have blessed me beyond words :') SOOKCHENG you rawk girl! Thanks for who you are in my life..and bearing with my lame jokes (which I know can kill) ;p

for the people down under...
XX hey hey hot chick you you how're you doing down under? KARAM You're not stupid k, smartest fella who needs pushing now and then... CHICK Hope Tas is not boring you out, must remember to study, give your best in all you do! (including the other stuffs) RACH You're a youth, you have hope, coz hope resides in you :) Continue to rock on siz : o NICHOLAS CHEW I know their gonna say our love's not strong enough to last forever; and I know their gonna say that we'll give up because of any weather ; but how can they understand, that this love is just heaven sent; we keep on going on and on, coz this is where we both belong....

(not sure if you all read, but its ok :D)

You all(and the rest who I din't mention as well) rock wei :) Make my life beautiful with the little things that you all do in life, makes each day extra special :)

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