Thursday, October 30, 2008

3 days to go -

3 days to go -

Just bathed, washed hair AND dried it with the noisy noisy hairdryer. Actually, it was a relieve compared to the studying - which is the only thing done apart from sleep and eating. Just feeling the hot air dry my hair ( I rarely use it anyway), feeling so warm and comfortable. Hehe :) The simple joys =)

Sitting in the library each day... It will all end soon. Tomorrow , I think. Monday study for OSPE. Then it will all be over and done with. Oh wait, still got results...

Thursday today. 3 minutes to Friday. Then, 3 days countdown to EOS 2 , 2008, ME1/08. All the best to Sem 2 people - Medical and Dental. Persevere till the end, no regrets! :) We can do this together =) *hugs* everybody :)

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