Friday, October 10, 2008

happy birthday baby


Due to time constraints,this can only be a short post...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY aka Mr AWESOME aka Mr AWW MAN !!! :) :) :)Mr awesome / Mr aww man / my baby sweetheart :)

One year older, one year wiser :D

Coincidentally, this kinda marks our one year together :P

I still remember last year - birthday surprise - newspaper gift - sam garden - first kiss ... ... ...2007 birthday surprise :P

And though this year we're not together physically, I'll always be there in your heart, by your side. :) Always. hehe, sorry for starting your birthday by giving you a BIG scare :P :P :P But sang 'happy birthday' song to you twice, did you like it? :)

You're an amazing guy, friend, listener, encourager, baby... and much more :P I seriously think you're pretty lame at times...but well it comes with the whole package of 'you'...and I kinda asked for it anyway(in my ideal guy,all time favorite column- except I asked for someone "funny" :o)

hehehe, not sure what to write, though our one year,as you said, could have filled many books already. I guess I'll just let memories, let our emotions, and everything to come speak for itself :)

you're officially as old as me! muahahahaHappy birthday "cake" - not edible,of course :P

what my bro did, remember I showed you? :P

I love you :)

Dear God, draw this guy whom I love closer to You each day,bless him, enlarge his territory, protect him, guide him always, be with with him and let him stay in Your presence evermore. Thank you God for this love, between him and You, between us, between he and I :)

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