Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jap Day

Jap Day

It was Jap day on Tuesday. Haha, self proclaimed la of course. 1st was Sushi King. Green tea, salmon garlic fried rice, sushi's etc. Quite enjoyed myself :)

Jade with her Melon Sherbet little cute container. Its ok Jade, we'll get another the next time k :)

The dog is just sooooo cute la
Next it was movie time. International screen, "10 promises to my dog." This is the ultimate show that got me tearing like mad, that when I came out I think it was still evident. I was wiping my face like crazy throughout the movie T.T. Hehe, but its an awesome movie, despite having to read subtitles all the way. A highly recommended...and bring lots of tissues for the girls! I cried way till the end...the movie was just so touching.

Sooky doesnt call me paparazi for nothing. :P
In the CD shop. Jade was looking for Jap music. I think :)

and you call yourself medical students
Haha, we advocate the peace sign mah! Lol, this was the jap-friendly-sign we saw all the way throughout the movie each time they took any photos. lol, the father, a highly sought after surgeon did this too! *rotfl* I was dying to burst out in laughter as the photo above was taken.

I love
Hehe a more natural picture. Well, I think this just proves Chong Sen right by calling me MacDonald-friendly. Lol right. But unfair la, their ice creams had a 20% increase, now its RM1.20 EXCLUDING tax. Total rip off man. Now must think twice before getting ice- creams dy. :(

It was an awesome time getting to spend time with each other, the most random of peoples. Guess I'm not so anti-jap now (not that i was initially, but i definitely do not favor japs too much). Thanks Jade, Kelvin, esp Jae Ric who went through alot of pains to do the planning to make this day an awesome day. :)

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