Saturday, November 15, 2008



Judging by my flooded chatterbox (yes I feel so loved :) thanks people :) ) I kinda feel I'm expected to post something. At least a hint of my results. Although I think judging by the chatterbox, u can deduce that I passed :P

And I can only say, all glory to God above :)

I din't get fantastic results...but what I hoped for was a pass, and yes I got it. On a brighter note, I have the 3 semesters ahead to work harder. well, 2 more, for the pre-matching. But that is another matter altogether.

Guys (Girls also la), thanks for making me smile. The estatic , elated moments was when I could share my joy with all of you, the joy of passing, the prancing around declaring we're seniors; the messages reading "YOU DID IT" and the joyful moment of wordlessness as some just embraced with one simple word "congrats". The deep look that acknowledged that its not by us, but by someone greater. All these are the moments I've come to treasure deeply and love. :)

Love you guys n gurls to the max :)

ps: My brother owes me sunflowers now :P He told me he'll buy me 3 if I pass. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN. Legal age to drive ady =o Have fun, take care of yrself, grow up and not too're too tall already! :O

Little shoutout: Thank You God, for being my strength when I falter, for understanding my wordlessness states and loving me regardless...

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