Thursday, November 13, 2008



... my wisdom tooth is growing. its kinda sore :( I keep touching it, mum says later kena infected. choi...

... imagine having...your (secondary) teacher as your neighbour. well,not immediate la, but cannot randomly yell any teacher's name and say anything...least it gets to the teacher involved =.= And having the teacher walk up to the house asking for the number of tenaga. =.= and then asking your name sheepishly at the end =.=

...results out in 2 days. well, quite freaky, nerve wrecking. But I refuse to let any negative thoughts creep in. My mind, my results, my life, its all God's. Whatever the results, whatever happens, I will choose to praise God and trust Him. For He know me by name, my name is carved on the back of His palm. I choose to trust Him.

I know You hold my hand in Yours, You will never let me go...

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