Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nov 08 draws to a close...

Buttermilk. Wanted to do coleslaw (make the dressing etc), and the ingredients included something called buttermilk. After countless trips to various super,hyper, mega markets, I gave up. I just bought the Kraft coleslaw in the end :/

Escape 2 Afrika. Watched with bro and the bf :) It was funny. Hilarious! :O Funny how love is blind. Guess the breeding program is off ? :P The part I like the most - Friendship. The courage to admit one's mistakes and the ability to love another despite their mistakes. Friends love and stick to each other despite knowing the others mistakes. :)

Handphone. My flip phone is just exasperating. It dies on me oh so often. I can retype a message 3 times because it just switches off by itself. So many times. Even in calls :'(

Contained. Just so so much that is going through my mind right now, not sure why. Retrospective, I guess. Maybe its listening to songs like Sebelum cahaya by Letto. Nice, but oh so emo. Listening to it just brings so much to mind.

Degenerating. I remember sem 2 pharmacy lecturer Dr Ong Chin Eng saying that by 20, the liver starts to degenerate. Sigh. Behavorial Science (Dr Galy) - we spend 1/4 life growing, and the other 3/4 life growing old. I guess its just a matter of perspective. Wanna not let age get in the way. Wanna learn to become wiser, more mature, more responsible, more like Him.

Trust. Learning to trust. The path ahead may be rocky, may be filled with surprises, heartaches, etc... Anf although it looks like a mountain to conquer, I will choose to trust the One who has an undeniable track record. Who carried me through these year...and will till eternity.

In Your arms of love; holding me close, holding me near, in Your arms of love...


Natasha said...

yes yes yes~!
the one who has the undeniable track record! haha
learning to fall back in his grace and love is an incredible journey :)

*hugs* dearie

IntrudeNotInMyPrivateSpace said...

hehe cool good job p n w (i saw tru d photos...u lead el backup rite?)