Friday, September 14, 2007

Bits and Pieces

A few facts about my life now:

1. I will be going for coroboree...not alone.
2.I may be performing. Does that mean two dresses? Someone please help me out...?

I'm actually writing this although tomorrow is my maths mock test. Just came back from audition, yeah you read right , the coroboree audition. Initially was just there to support and cheer classmates on, but ended up I myself was on stage, singing Mariah Carey's "Through the Rain". I'm not sure whether I'll get through, but yeah what made me go up I don't know. Hehe

Have been thinking alot. About what, you ask. Well, about the world. About the nation. About the people around me. So yeah, what about it? Well, I ask myself,do I play a role in their lives. Do I impact them that their lives will not be the same without me? Sounds conceited to some, but all of us can't just be here for no reason, like what we learn in the Deontological Theory (Thank you Mr William for the awesome Moral classes), where existance precedes essence or something else I cant remember now.

Need to chiao for now. Got stuff to do, things to prepare and all. But hey, just to cheer myself ( and if you are reading this) up, we are loved, blessed, and high favoured. I'm serious. If you wanna know more, ask me. =)

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sab said...

haha joanne has a date for coroboree!!! sweet :)