Sunday, September 16, 2007

Touching the heart

Was having lunch with a friend after mock maths trials,which started 7 am in the morning. (Crazy. The place was super dark and creepy at 6.20am.) We talked bout lots off stuff. It was a great time. He kept saying that he couldn't smile or laugh properly, although to me it sounded (and looked) fine. To him, a smile /laugh should come from the heart. Something I agree 100% with, which the world overlook and fail to do many a time.

(Guys listen up! I think this is really true! ) Then he mentioned that contrary to today's society that guys wanna touch girls everywhere, he believes in touching a girl's heart first. (heart melting... just kidding >< ) I replied that yeah, if what a guy wants is purely a girl's body and not the girl's inner beauty, honestly the girl could kick him of because the girl is better off without him. It is true that sometimes as girls we give in a little too much, and when we realize it, its a little too late.

And for myself, I look at a person's heart first. Not the looks,knowing that we as humans are imperfect. (Although I cross my fingers in hope that the person does not look like a frog prince before transformation (as in, not transformed into a prince charming yet). Assumptions made (According to all fairy tales) is that the frog prince, after transformation, will become prince charming.

But thats why we( guys and girls) need to know our identities and not go looking for it in another person. Its not right to expect a guy (or vice versa) to love you if you don't love yourself...because in a relationship it is two ways, and if one party gives and the other party only receives but has nothing to offer,the relationship wold surely fall apart. Ahem, views of the author represents solely her own and is not meant for any purposes, and hence don't sue me if you don't like this post. XD

He he in the end I doubt my friend could laugh/smile properly yet. (We were,after all ,in exam mode). But some things for sure, I left the table with a filled tummy, a pool of thoughts, the warmth of friendship, and not forgetting, a little sweat. (The place was not air conditioned, and I ter-makan the green chilies.(Okay thats a lie, I was too ambitious and thought I could finish my small dish of green chilies WITH seeds.) =p ) As usual, greedy me. *winks

Signing out for now. =)

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