Friday, September 28, 2007

The nut's confession

I'm not a nut.

Seriously, I'm not lame. I can walk =)

Had a balloon a few weeks ago,its still in my room. =) Comments range from "go prom", "smile", "pop"(so horrible right), "muacks" n more...its a mixture. For more information, check out my friendster photos at =) But hey guys( and gurls), I really love you all even if you managed or did not manage to grace (or mess up) my balloon.

Also went out with many many close friends lately, on different occasions. Took photos.Very expensive, but I love it tho. It will be lasting memories for life. College days, college friends. More than friends that touch and go, relationships thats will last. I know we had bout 4 months only, but to grow so close like brothers and sisters is indeed astounding. Thank you God for these awesome people you have placed in my life. Life has been an awesome journey with people whom I have come to know and love cross my path. Its more than I can stay, it just takes my breath away. =)

Then comes the more messy thing.Going prom. Means...have to get a dress. DRESS AR? Wei scary lar...Me in a dResS? Aww thats so not me! Eww how would I look. I promise you, I walked through (or screen-ed through) at least 20 shops. Walk in, less than a minute I walk out again. haha. And did not find something I am looking for. Something long, presentable, nice... I shall keep it right here. Not gonna disclose more than I have to.Secret! haha. Although I am 99% sure( I have not been proven wrong yet) that most can guess the colour I love and want. Well, to cut the otherwise looong story short, I am waiting for it. End of story.

Actually lots in my mind, but after the trials my brain has kinda disintegrated a little. Found out something though. I am complicated. Hard to go shopping with me. (Refer to above) BUT I'm still a girl. More than that, I am deeply loved, greatly blessed, and highly favoured. =)

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