Monday, September 3, 2007

I need you more than ever

Seriously, I need you more than ever. Sense of depression and plunging deeper every moment...Only you can help. I know things that are already done can't be reversed, but you cant turn things around,can you not? I wanna see the colours, the bright colours returning into my life, wanna go about more than I ever was before. I know you me.I know you see my true potential,my true self,not just what I see.So,help me see things the way you do. The way you want me to. New day's here.3rd September,2007. Let it be a new day where we start afresh, where i learn to enjoy the sunlight that is gonna shine down today, where I lay down my burdens and worries. For good. And focus on you.

Yeah,think thats what I'm gonna do.

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