Friday, July 4, 2008


I've always thought that I'm a more "guyish girl" than a "girlish girl". Not that either is better than the other, although society seems to favour the latter.

And I realised something that has always made me a lil more moody,impatience each time it happens... WAITING.

And yes, it happened so many times. G7 last year... how many times we stood sunbathing, waiting for someone to make a decision on where to eat...and finally ending up at the same old place each day! aww man and I did tell them we would end up there...

Then there are malaysian wedding/wedding receptions. SO TYPICAL!
"Dinner to be served at 7.30pm SHARP"
...and in walks the bride and groom at 8.10pm( ok nevermind, 7.45pm) while 40% of the people sit waiting and the 20% are finding parking and the remaining 40% still on the way/ at home "preparing".

and yet, people drive on the road as if they are rushing somewhere, time is not on their side. wait a minute...that makes sense.
person procrastinates/ delays -> rushes on the road, less regard to safety -> accidents

is it a wonder why malaysian accident rates are so high? *shakes head in disgust

first world facilities, third world mentalities.

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