Monday, July 21, 2008


start of a new semester, end of holidays. tho i wish it were longer.

our timetables are much more packed this time. 2 pbl's per week for 10 weeks, 8 lab sessions in whole, 86 lectures, 5 csu's, cpr professional course, and all the other long list of unmentioned. Classes in the afternoon, 1.30- 3.35 pm. right. pbl's 4-5.30 pm. ok....

not sure if I'm really really prepared for the semester. but as it is, I need to getting prepared, and fast. this sem has only 12 short weeks, followed promptly by summative at the end of week 12, and Eos big bang. And I don't intend to sit the exams twice.

I've still got COP report, havnt done. deadline fri morn = thurs night. I dont wanna procrastinate more this semester. cant afford to.

funny tho that I wasnt overwhelmed by today's briefing. I guess the point is not being overwhelmed, its taking everything in stride. Using each moment to the max. Living the dream.

I think I posted the following before, but I still think its relevant ;p wonder what us medical students will become one day ;p

anyone can imagine what I'll be one day? ;p

I miss you...just want you to know that I love you, and owiz wil. Yrs, now and foreva. Hugz, Jo

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