Thursday, August 23, 2007


Holidays are nearly over! And its been no fun =(

You see, I've been sick, and sickness is no play play business...Initially it was suspected Denggi, and wasn't fun, short and simple. Did not get up from bed the whole of Monday, just lay there, kepala very penning, temperature higher than 37.5 degree celcius...tossing and turning in bed, half the time drifting into fitful sleep.

You know what? When I was six, I had a miniature(and I mean miniature, as in palm size) tv set, which had a Garfield smiling sheepishly. I dismantled the set, and started my own talk show. By the way, I was in the back seat, dad was driving.

Says Garfield: Welcome to my show! Today's topic is...being sick! Its fun being sick! No school, no teachers...

*dad interjects from driving seat: getting sick is no fun! you suffer from sickness, and you still go back to school after that...and have to catch up on your homework...( that's bout all I can remember for now, it was long long ago, ya' know)

Garfield: ended...?!?

12 years later, I still gotta admit that my dad's right. Being sick is NO fun. Zaps my energy, my hype...

Thanks people. For hearing my fears, my complaints, my rambling and nonsense, for sharing my burdens. For messaging me, supporting me, encouraging me, sustaining me. I know life was not meant to be a one-man-show.

Thanks dad, mum, bro. For the continuous love and care since the day I was born till today. Words can never truly express how I truly feel.

Thank you. I am blessed because all of you light up my life.

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