Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just saying

You know, its really really frustrating when you try hard, work hard...but don't achieve the results. The same goes for stuff that is beyond one's control. and then, the "what if..." and "if only ..." comes into mind.

But seriously, thats not nice, not nice at all. its not easy to see stuff you're uncomfortable about, yet can do nothing about. But you know what? The world was not fair to begin with, whatever you beliefs are...Adam and Eve sinning, Pandora's box, reincarnation... nope its not fair.

One thing I've learnt to stop looking for is justice on the surface of this earth. Thats because I know where my justice lies. It may not be now, may be later, but it WILL come. I know it. Bad guys may get away, contrary to what we read in novels or watch on movies, but thats only for NOW. I call this temporary. I don't believe evil will rule, whatever looks one's eye right now.

I am gonna look forward. Look ahead. Look past this time. I will rise up , and boy you may try, but u won't stop me. Coz I'm not alone. The Force is with me =)

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