Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How EINSTEIN Arrived at E=MC2


Check out this site. I stumbled upon it. Coming to think of it...Thank you Dan for whacking me each time I utter a negative word bout myself. I know I deserve it. Thanks Nick(and more) for encouraging me when I didn't feel at my best,when I felt I could not carry on cause I was worried bout one thing or another. To Rach, we WILL pass SAM with flying colours. You'll see. Cause we're not doing this alone nor by our own strength anymore. Thanks Pr Kenneth and Elder KY for always reminding me(us) that nothing is impossible...Thank you for encouraging me to dream. BIG.Thank you to the rest...Fel, CK, Pr Josephine, HE, Sarah F, CC and everyone else I lazy to mention...Thanks for walking this journey with me, encouraging, sustaining, (and rebuking as well, I know I need it many a time) me..I cant say enough but I really do appreciate it.

To that someone,maybe you're right. We should find a swimming pool, and...you know the rest =)

Yeah, I want to have that ATTITUDE and MINDSET that is set for success, for revolution. I will have the confidence, the courage. I will have the faith. I will believe in myself once again. Cause you never gave up on me. And I know even when I walk and see only my shadow, you have never left me. When my hands hold only books while others hold another's, you have never stopped holding mine. Before I knew it you loved me, and and this is for eternity...till everlasting. Thank you. I've now got a reason to smile, a real smile that shines through the tears. =)

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