Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm not sure

I'm not sure of 101 things, probably more.

1.I'm not sure why I chose this as a blog.
2.Not sure why I'm born, the stuff I'm supposed to do.
3.Not sure why I'm so bored.
4.Not sure what I'm Really gonna do in the future.
5.Not sure of who my real friends are.
6.Not sure how long people can wear a mask,and keep it.
7.Not sure why the sky's not green or brown.
8.Not sure what's gonna happen tomorrow.
9.Not sure how long I have to continue living.
10.Not sure what life holds.

But I know who holds my future,whose in control.And I know even if I mess up time and again I can start afresh.
I guess maybe thats why the "not sure"s don't seem so scary anymore. =)

1 comment:

sab said...

hey joanne! im the first to comment in this nice blog of urs :]
hey..we are not sure of many not sure of many things..but there's one thing im sure..that He is sure of everything..we trust God together k..smtimes hard but we press on rite? :) joanne!!haha u've got urself a BLOG!!