Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Not feeling at my best currently. Results stink, and you cant say Don't compare...coz TER IS about how well you did compared to others. I do, more than ocassionally, regret taking SAM.

Physics teacher was telling our class that only 2 people in our class had been "above average" all the while,and( surprisingly the class top isn't in it...there must be a mistake..) ,and hence our lecturer was worried bout our TER. FINE, I'm just worried. and depressed (at least, getting to be). I dunno what to say about myself, results getting worst by the minute . C-H-O-K-I-N-G! I shudder to think how my TER will be like at the end of the year!

Maths isn't getting any better. The more I look at it, the more I feel like uttering this statement: God, can I give up now? I know God is nice enough to send me friends willing to sacrifice their breaks for me, but as I cautioned my friend, I'm not the brightest person you could teach. People put in the same amount of effort and reap twice the results. Not complaining here, but just...just...I dunno. Who am I trying to kid here? Myself? Shudder to think what Commont Test 4 will be like. As it is, I'm completing questions WHILE looking at the answers. Not the best way to study, I know. But can someone teach me another more effective method? Sigh, I should have seen this coming...

Daren't think about my other subjects. Its just...not even "cukup makan". Study the coveted course? Open your eyes girl, be REALISTIC!

Still feeling lightheaded...cough should be getting better these few days(it HAS been more than a week, afterall). Da said I cant afford to get sick anymore, I have nothing to say, I guess.

Sometimes wish I could just start afresh, but somehow that isn't possible. What now? I'm not sure. Take things one step at a time?

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