Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Family of G7

I miss G7. The craze, the hype, the gila-gila, the standing in front of the security guard house, aimless on where to eat for 10++ mins before we end up at...success.

I miss EiLeen my best g7 buddy, Carynn aka smarty skirt , XX aka Tyra Banks wannabe.gonnabe , JayMee the hype aka no.2 Joanne , Carmen my personal fashion designer , Grace aka giraffe my going toilet partner (and the rest of the girls la) ;p, Wendy aka Ninjitsu, LayPeng small cili padi, Evonne the "oh i wan...", HorYan +HooiThang+YingZhi(shadow)+BeeChyi+ Nanthini the hardworking ones, KahMen my fortunate victim, Sharon n ZhiYung the "twins", CJ and Chuah whose profanities enough to last a life time, Jess the "017xxxxxxx" ,

...WeiJin, Navin and ChongSen,I still see you in lectures! Haha. But seriously, we don't talk so much anymore *sad smile

I love this picture. So innocentOne of the nicest pictures of the year - G7 WE ARE FAMILYDoll Day ;p
OMGosh Navin!...and the rest of us =)
Take care you guys (and girls). Wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Oi, who get married must invite the rest to their weddings ya! waiting for the invitations....how many years later that is! :p

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