Thursday, June 19, 2008

backdated: Post exam Mid valley outing

Summative...over! No comment on the past, so to say. I shall cross my fingers and wait till results come out.

But meanwhile...outing! 6 of us went to Mid valley: Chong Sen (the suposedly anti social guy), Sook Cheng, Jeremy, Jae Ric (the SAMPAH! orientation mates) and Sabrina =)

At Jeremy Joseph's recommendation, we went to eat asam laksa. Well...i mean, THEY did. Coz I was so "chicken", i took kuey teow mushroom soup instead... my kueyteow soup n sook's delicious asam laksaposers
and I REGRET my choice to the max!!! the curry was nice!!! thats why I kept taking the curry from chong sen and sook cheng, and perhaps that also explains why Jeremy tried to finish the curry...
the universal peace sign

but to be fair my noodles were not bad either la... and it was amusing to see most pple at time table with red faces and extreme perspiration! talk about thermoregulation...

we met a bunch of imu pple there too:Zia, our beloved batch rep :) Elvyna, our treasurer :)

And we caught "The Hulk" there too... Ok I'm kidding, this is what we saw in the supermarket...Sampah! (or the lack of it)
Are G12 pple all that shy? (kidding)

Then it was shopping for the next day's COP:Sab and eeyoreSook said I very evil , the uncalled for paparazzi :p (hey sook this is not so bad, there is another...)moments of sisterhood...(if there is such a word)

Will owiz cherish these moments we had and will have...

ps: owh, Sab, i stole photos from u =)

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