Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Been thinking about...

At 2pm today, I was turning on the gas stove fire. or rather, trying. the gas was on, the fire wouldnt start... poke press poke the starter...then "POOM" th fire flew more than 10 inches into my face. yep, i WAS scared. went to the toilet, and was relieved to find everything was fine....

tried again for the 2nd stove, the same problem. just that this time, once bitten twice shy,the fire roared again but dint touch me.

I know I had a close shave.

My mum came back not long ago, and I told her what happened. yep, it was dangerous, i noe. and hey, thanks for teaching me that if that happens again, turn it off and try again in half an hour. I din't know that before. Then...

"...luckily nothing happened to your face. if not Nick also won't want you already"

me: "um,mom, I don't think he's such a person"

"...why would he want an ugly girl when there are so many beautiful girls outside?"

i dunno. i really don't. granted, the family would not be pleased at a guys selection of a woman "less than perfect". and honestly, there are many girls out there with nearly-flawless-skin.

You know, a guy can "dump" a girl like this(say,went tru accidents) so easily. What about after marriage? if he can afford to leave her before the marriage, when in a relationship, he is equally liable to leave her AFTER the marriage. to be fair, guys are physical. Not many are able to bear living with an "ugly gf/wife" his whole life.

But its injustice, you know. Pure injustice. How many accidents are intentional? How much injustice many of the deemed less beautiful woman must have endured. all for the sake of "beauty".

This may not be much, and hey I'm just writing this to cool my anger. Afterall, no one reads my posts / blog. It just makes me wonder...

By WHOSE standards are we living? Where is justice in this world?

Its not fair? Isnt it?
It really isnt.

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Chalenger said...

duno wad, but i think that phrase "not many people read my blog" kinda prompted me to write sonething after so long.
Well lets just say that people do get caught up with things in life. I do, I admit, its a human trait of mine. I still do get guilty pangs from remembering that I haven't contacted so-and-so after so long.
That's also the reason to the injustice you're refering to. I feel helpless too, knowing that my looks is at the "mercy" of scrutinization from guys.
there's nothing anything else I or anyone can do about this.
Perhaps its always has been the sin in the world that makes these things happen :(