Friday, June 20, 2008

backdated: Post exam Friday Pillow Talk =)

We had "Pillow talk" on friday,venue SR5, where a small circle of people gathered. Turut berserta were 2 of my batch mates:Her Majesty Queen Sook Cheng and Mr Anti Social Chong Sen,right after exams. Lol! just trying to be funny... and hey this picture XX commented "pelacur pelacur kamera...skills dah maju eh..."


It was fun. We exchanged stories, where majority spelled out what they did in their "naughty" childhood. It was funny to hear even the most serious person say "when i was young, i was very naughty, and I ..."

The we had to draw lots, and proceeded to draw each other...with our non writing hand.

These are some of the results: Joshua LingChloeMr Jeremy Joseph,brought to you by Sabrina OngSabrina Ong (I forgot by who)me, drew by Christy . Now I have a new nickname...aunty mata serong T_TWhile Christy got off easy...Chong Sen relented to his Orientation "spy"
Chong Sen, drew by me. He say I drew his head like a watermelon shape... Jonathan, CSS prez. By sook cheng Sook Cheng , by Jonathan. LOL. no wonder Jonathan say "I'll get my revenge..."Our very own Prez, Jimmy Tee, with his famous Adidas black lanyard. By Jeremy Jae Ric Uncle Jae Ric Jeremy boy,by Joshua LingGroup photo. there was supposed to be this "family tree", dunno where it went ;p

Owh, I terpost some photos as large...lazy to repost la ;p

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